Improvements for GroupMSG Plugin with Pidgin

Using GroupMSG Plugin, you can send a mass message to your Buddy Group with Pidgin.

Pidgin Plugin - GroupMSG

This is new version with an improvement:
– You can now send message to all buddies in your group or online buddies only. After installing plugin, right click on Group Name in your Buddy List, you’ll see 2 context menus instead of only 1 in previous version.

See old posts to know how to install Pidgin Plugins:
On Windows:
On Debian/Ubuntu:

Happy using plugin!!

– For Windows 32bit:
– For Debian/Ubuntu 64bit:

Newer version at:

3 Comments on “Improvements for GroupMSG Plugin with Pidgin

  1. Is there a way to configure the plugin so that it will not create a chat tab for each user in my group? I want it to just send a broadcast. Not automatically create a conversation. If the user responds back, I’ll deal with the tab then.

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