Month: March 2009

Default features: – Block any message from people not in buddy list Added features: – Block any message with length > 250 chars and ask question (TODO: needed to be in preference) – Random question and answer from text file:

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I widely advertise my instant messaging ID’s as I want potential clients to be able to find me easily. But the problem with doing that is that I end up with a lot of spam messages every day. Never a

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Teaching is like no other profession. As a teacher, you will wear many hats. You will, to name but of a few of the roles teachers assume in carrying out their duties, be a communicator, a disciplinarian, a conveyor of

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no matter you’re having fun or not. you are a naughty child. an eye blink, you are a student. one more blink, welcome to the world of adults and work.

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