[blistops] Pidgin Plugin: Buddy List Appearance Enhanced again

Needlessly to say much 🙂 Just “LOOK ‘n’ FEEL”
– Buddy name and status become ONLY one-line
– Pidgin Icon is replaced by a smaller avatar (if they have) or a smaller icon
– Buddy name becomes italic if you appear permanently offline to him/her

Before installing blistops plugin After installing blistops plugin
Pidgin Buddy List – Original without blistops plugin Pidgin Buddy List – After enabled “enhanced” blistops plugin

10 Comments on “[blistops] Pidgin Plugin: Buddy List Appearance Enhanced again

  1. Hi,

    I love your plugin. I had been using it for a year now. I just put Jaunty on and would like to download it. Can you please send me the plugin via that email?

    Duy Truong

  2. Nice, thanks for posting the links, especially the 64bit version. I was waiting for a 64bit version for so long. However, it doesn’t work (sad) with openSuSE(64)11.0 with rpm converted using alien…

    I tried to figure the problem out, seems like openSuSE 64 put 64bit plugins in /usr/lib64/pidgin (not /usr/lib/pidgin). I tried to copy the binaries blistop.* over to /usr/lib64/pidgin but then those did not get linked (duh) and complains about g_dgettext sumbol not found.

    Hey, the source code of the plugin would be nice, I can build it myself.

  3. Nice plugin – is this also available for Windows? If not, do you know about a plugin which provides similar functionality?

  4. @Duy Truong:
    – source code is now available here: http://www.anhtt.net/sources/blistops.c.gz
    – compile:
    + download purple-plugin_pack (latest version)
    + overwrite blistops/blistops.c with my version
    + compile and install purple-plugin_pack

    – it’s a pity that I don’t know any other plugin for Pidgin on Windows. I tried to cross-platform compile but I missed the luck. I’ll try some more times when I have free time.
    – thanks for your comment.

  5. Tran The Anh,

    The source code cannot be opened (gedit says it cannot detect the character encoding).

    The deb’s also don’t work. I extracted the blistops.so and blistops.la files from the deb’s, placed them in my .purple/plugins directory. The Buddy list options plugin appears in my plugins list. But it shows no extra options compared to the regular blistops plugin…

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