[blistops] Pidgin Plugin: Buddy List Appearance Enhanced again

Needlessly to say much 🙂 Just “LOOK ‘n’ FEEL”
– Buddy name and status become ONLY one-line
– Pidgin Icon is replaced by a smaller avatar (if they have) or a smaller icon
– Buddy name becomes italic if you appear permanently offline to him/her

Before installing blistops plugin After installing blistops plugin
Pidgin Buddy List – Original without blistops plugin Pidgin Buddy List – After enabled “enhanced” blistops plugin
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10 comments on “[blistops] Pidgin Plugin: Buddy List Appearance Enhanced again
  1. guest says:

    hi all.
    how can i download this plugin ?
    i really like the yahoo ym design.

  2. meo says:

    sao hem thấy nick em anh yêu ơi? em onl cật lực thế cơ mà =))

  3. guest says:

    shit. can you here me?
    can you share it?FUCK YOU

  4. Tran The Anh says:

    Hi Guest,

    I will probably think of sending you the plugin if you leave me your fucking email =))

  5. Duy Truong says:


    I love your plugin. I had been using it for a year now. I just put Jaunty on and would like to download it. Can you please send me the plugin via that email?

    Duy Truong

  6. Duy Truong says:

    Nice, thanks for posting the links, especially the 64bit version. I was waiting for a 64bit version for so long. However, it doesn’t work (sad) with openSuSE(64)11.0 with rpm converted using alien…

    I tried to figure the problem out, seems like openSuSE 64 put 64bit plugins in /usr/lib64/pidgin (not /usr/lib/pidgin). I tried to copy the binaries blistop.* over to /usr/lib64/pidgin but then those did not get linked (duh) and complains about g_dgettext sumbol not found.

    Hey, the source code of the plugin would be nice, I can build it myself.

  7. Carsten says:

    Nice plugin – is this also available for Windows? If not, do you know about a plugin which provides similar functionality?

  8. Tran The Anh says:

    @Duy Truong:
    – source code is now available here: http://www.anhtt.net/sources/blistops.c.gz
    – compile:
    + download purple-plugin_pack (latest version)
    + overwrite blistops/blistops.c with my version
    + compile and install purple-plugin_pack

    – it’s a pity that I don’t know any other plugin for Pidgin on Windows. I tried to cross-platform compile but I missed the luck. I’ll try some more times when I have free time.
    – thanks for your comment.

  9. RafGodart says:

    Tran The Anh,

    The source code cannot be opened (gedit says it cannot detect the character encoding).

    The deb’s also don’t work. I extracted the blistops.so and blistops.la files from the deb’s, placed them in my .purple/plugins directory. The Buddy list options plugin appears in my plugins list. But it shows no extra options compared to the regular blistops plugin…

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