The journey has started

I finally made the decision. I submitted the resignation to quit my full time job and started to do some of the stuff in my humble wishlist for 2015. One of the important and exciting things in that list is to travel to a few new destinations. Cities around the area have been chosen; some of the tickets have been booked; and this is the very first trip opening the whole 2015 adventure.

Tannah Lot, Bali
Late sunset at Tannah Lot, Bali
  • Last time (also the first time) I went to an Indonesian city was 5 years ago. I couldn’t remember which side of the road they drove back then; but I was a bit surprised they drive on the left here. That made it a little awkward when I riding a rented motor-bike around the town where I stayed. I had to drive slowly and tended to move right-ward whenever traffic was busy. Sometimes, I noticed people on the road looking back at me like I was from outer space.
  • As I expected before the trip, believers here are strong at their religion. Almost everyone prays almost everyday to what a taxi-driver called “mini temple at home”. There are many temples around the island that I couldn’t visit them all. It’s been getting interesting lately to me when it comes to religions.
  • For the very first time, I met Indian Ocean. He seems always furious with constant strong and loud waves. That’s a little different from his sister, the Pacific Ocean, who remains peaceful most of the time (except during storms or typhoons).

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