Pidgin Plugin: Yahoo Buzz by pressing Ctrl+G and Buzz Button

With Pidgin, you can Buzz your Yahoo buddies by pressing Ctrol+G or click Buzz button now. Old versions:

[blistops] Pidgin Plugin: Buddy List Appearance Enhanced again

Needlessly to say much 🙂 Just “LOOK ‘n’ FEEL” – Buddy name and status become ONLY one-line – Pidgin Icon is replaced by a smaller avatar (if they have) or a smaller icon – Buddy name becomes italic if you appear permanently offline to him/her Pidgin Buddy List – Original without blistops plugin Pidgin Buddy […]

Pidgin Plugin: pidgin-groupmsg_2.5.1-piwener2

Changes: – No more Conversations appear when you send mass message. Download: – Deb i386: – Deb amd64: – Windows: Note: – For Windows, please remove previous version before installing new one.

Improvements for GroupMSG Plugin with Pidgin

Using GroupMSG Plugin, you can send a mass message to your Buddy Group with Pidgin. This is new version with an improvement: – You can now send message to all buddies in your group or online buddies only. After installing plugin, right click on Group Name in your Buddy List, you’ll see 2 context menus […]

Improvements for Pidgin Botsentry Plugin

Default features: – Block any message from people not in buddy list Added features: – Block any message with length > 250 chars and ask question (TODO: needed to be in preference) – Random question and answer from text file: ~/.purple/botsentry.qst – Add people into Blacklist: always block message and ask question – Add people […]

Stop Pidgin Spam in Its Tracks with Bot Sentry

I widely advertise my instant messaging ID’s as I want potential clients to be able to find me easily. But the problem with doing that is that I end up with a lot of spam messages every day. Never a day goes by without automated robots sending me instant messages inviting me to talk dirty […]

Domain nameservers in Vietnam

DNS Server: FPT : VNN : Viettel: OpenDNS:

use netstat to monitor your network connection

1. How many connections per IP? netstat -nat | grep ‘^tcp’ | sed -e ‘s/::ffff://gi’ | sed -e ‘s/:::*/’ | tr ‘:’ ‘ ‘ | awk ‘{ print $6 }’ | sort | uniq -c | sort -n -r -k 1

Recognizing and Dealing with System Administrator’s Syndrome

Copyright © 1997 Richard Wayne For over twenty years, I have been involved in the management of multi-user computer systems. During that time, I have been the system administrator for a number of different computer platforms in a number of different organizational settings. I have done the work myself mostly, but have also managed and […]

How to Delete Old Emails from Exim Mail Queue

Here is the manual but effective way to clean up the old messages in you Exim mail queue: * Login to your server as a root user. * Run the following command: exiqgrep -o 86400 -i | xargs exim -Mrm The above command will delete the messages older than 1 day. To delete email more […]