Pidgin Plugins: Group message with Pidgin on Ubuntu/Debian

How to send a message to a group with Pidgin???
This is a Pidgin plugin I’ve modified and compiled.

1. get the file:

2. install it
sudo apt-get install libglib1.2
sudo dpkg -i pidgin-groupmsg_2.2.0-2_i386.deb

3. it’s done
restart your lovely Pidgin and open Plugins window (Tools/Plugins or pressing Ctrl+U)
There is a plugin named GroupIM should appears on it. Enable that thing, close the Plugins window and see the magic (right click on a buddy group).

6 Comments on “Pidgin Plugins: Group message with Pidgin on Ubuntu/Debian

  1. Is it possible? I’ve been trying for weeks to find a plugin or functionality that lets me start, maintain and contribute to a group MSN chat for conference purposes at work.

  2. Hi Keith,

    I think Pidgin itself supports conference with MSN.
    I don’t use MSN but I see “Initiate chat” when right-click on a buddy. Then I have a “MSN Chat” and can invite more people by “Conversation>>Invite…”

  3. are there plugins for pidgin that do:
    – voice call to yahoo buddy, from IM window
    – webcam view/broadcast (yahoo)
    – photo sharing (yahoo)
    any available?…

    thanks in advance for your reply!
    shalom!… 🙂

  4. also, i did forget to say… “how can i make this great “GroupIM” plugin to work(send) messages to several selected groups, not only one group at once?… :)” God bless!…
    shalom!… 🙂

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