Hello 2015

So, it’s another new year today and it seems this blog has been left untouched for really a long time. Inspired by HN people at this thread here, I would like to do a little post reviewing year 2014 and planning for 2015 too. But I’m too shy to post on HN, so this is what I have on my own humble blog.

Things done in 2014:

  1. Biggest achievement in 2014 is that we bought a flat back in April although we had to take a bank loan to pay for it. The bare unit was only done in November and there is no furniture in it yet. It is not as a perfect house as I dreamed of before, but it is good enough for us at the moment.
  2. Worked less on side projects. I found myself having more free time in the first half of the year because most of the side projects were finished and/or stable. However, new (longer term) side projects appeared in the second half and they took too much time and effort.
  3. Enough traveling was done. There weren’t many new destinations and most of the travel was done because of item #1, but time spent on each trip improved a lot, so that is totally fine.
  4. Successfully finished an online short course.
  5. Discovered and switched to many cool tools such as git, tmux, mosh …
  6. Reduced stuff owned by a lot by bringing them back, throwing away.

Things should be done in 2015:

  1. Pay back the bank loan we took.
  2. Finish flat decoration and purchase furniture.
  3. Further reduce work on side projects. Quit long term side projects.
  4. Travel to new destinations. Target: at least 4 more new places.
  5. Learn new stuff (non technical and technical). At least one full online course should be achieved.
  6. Buy and read more books. One book every month would be nice. Start building a mini library at home.
  7. Further reduce owned stuff so that it will be a lot easier to move place.
  8. Start doing exercise and being healthy.

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