Yahoo Smileys/Emoticons for Pidgin

[Yahoo smileys]
If you are familiar with Yahoo Smileys, that should be happier when you use Pidgin and see this thing 😀

If you want to, just download Yahoo Smileys

Then, un-tar and copy the folder into ~/.purple/smileys/ (on Linux) or “C:Program FilesPidginpixmapspidginemotes” (on Window$)

Finally, restart your Pidgin and open ToolsPreperences (Press Ctrl+P), go to Smiley Themes tab and select Y!M theme.

Make Pidgin more similar to Yahoo Messenger!!!
blah blah blah…

Tip: you can add/edit/remove easily any smiley you want by editing the file “theme” in the folder “Y!M”.

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