Pidgin Plugins for Windows hahahha…

Plugins for Pidgin on Windows
after a hard-working day, I’ve got some cocking things eventually. hehehe… These are some hand-built plugins for PIDGIN 2.x on M$ Windows.

1. Buzz with Pidgin by pressing CTRL+G

2. Send a message to group (all contacts in group include invisible buddies as well)

3. Send a message to ALL BUDDY LIST

4. Lazybums

Just download whatever you want and copy it into “C:Program FilesPidginPlugins”
Restart Pidgin and you will see the magic!

5 Comments on “Pidgin Plugins for Windows hahahha…

  1. Thanks dood this is awesome! I dug for hours for a broadcast/group IM thing. I use it to IM each of the managers in my dept when I need to go on break. My question is this. Is there a way you can make something that will IM a group of ppl by selecting them with ctrl+click? Spark (my companies email client of choice) will do this in a temporary chat room where all the sups can see each others answer

  2. Thanks for comment and questioning me. I do understand you idea and I will try to work. If you leave me your email here, I will notice you when I got something 😀

  3. thnx a lot I have been looking for the broadcast plugin that was taken out of the purple pligin pack for quite some months

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